ArmA 3 Training Resources [ARMA III] (1)

FLYING MONKEYS IN SPACE TACTICAL GUIDES [Tactical] TACTICS and TECHNIQUES ArmA 3 Tactical Guide - Online Edition (Limited Version) ArmA 3 Tactical Guide - PDF Download (Full Ver…

Introduce Yourself - Say Hi and Let everyone know what games you're into [FMIS Forums] (8)

Just a small discussion topic for you to introduce yourself. Let us know what state you're from What games your into How old you are and anything else you think might be a good idea.

ArmA 3 Mod Wish List [Uncategorized] (8)

Post below links and requests about mods that you would like to see added to one of our Repos. Can be any Repo: Tactical Realism, Optional, Iron Front or Unsung Vietnam.

FMIS Teamspeak Theme Download [Uncategorized] (2)

Hi Guys Download from here: Simply download the TS Theme and double click on it, it should install itself fine. You may need to go into your Appearance Settings in Teamspeak to Correctly…

Games & programs list to win in tournaments [Refer] [Contests] (3)

Here is a list of games and programs that can be won in FMIS tournaments, these games are from my personal list that I’ve purchased however I welcome any other member to contribute to the list, they will also receive cre…

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