Adding Malden To The Repo

So, I believe with either the next update or the one after Malden (which was an ArmA 1 Map) will be remade with ArmA 3 Assets and offered as a FREE DLC for all ArmA Users.

What some of you may not know is it is currently available on DEV Branch for everyone to try out.

I can’t confirm if this is a RC (Release Candidate) of the map, or if more updates are planned for the final release but some people have messaged me in steam asking I add it to the Repo.

You see I can download it off DEV Build before it is officially available and add the map files to the Repo so we can all play on the map now on our servers.

From all accounts the map is beautiful but it is also 1.2 gig.

I am wanting to know what everyone’s feelings about possibly adding it to the Repo (it will be removed once it is finally released by BI).

Here are some pics:

Is the map Bug free? Cause it doesn’t look that good from the screen shot

Not sure yet, I haven’t downloaded it, I got those images of All Things ArmA 3 Facebook group.

Yeah… the map does look similar to Altis (made from Altis asset). Not sure if worth the 1.5 GB

I don’t care if it’s a look-a-like, this looks awesome, this map feels more like scalpel type missions instead of hammer type missions (night ops, stealth orientated).

Can’t wait to try it out! queues download

As beautiful as Malden is at the moment, I have one big reason why I don’t think it should be added to the repo.

Even though it looks close to completion, it is still technically under development (That’s pretty obvious as it’s on the Dev-Branch as RC). This means that it is unstable and is subject to change at any time.

I am worried that if we build a mission on the map, and then an update for Malden is pushed, it could technically break said mission, resulting in a lot of lost time.

Also no-one has really tested if it is up to standard for ops. Bugginess and optimisation-wise, we have no idea if it’ll actually work.

As with 3rd party maps in the past, Updated only really break unit and object placement. For example, when Abramia adjusted their beaches on my Frozen Fire mission a bunch of the vehicles went underground as did some of the units. So if the map is updated all a mission maker has to do is adjust the placed objects.

Map updates shouldn’t ever physically break a mission.

Anyway, I’m going to download it now off dev branch and take a look. if it is good enough I’ll throw it in.

Wouldn’t be an issue for a few reasons Hymez, in its current state Malden is pretty bug free. The map itself is standalone when ported from dev branch to stable, meaning it is thereby not affiliated with any dev branch updates that are pushed. This is how I see it, we bite the bullet, put it on the repo and do not update it until the official release which by the way is not due for another month or so.

Alright, hope to see some awesome missions on Malden :smiley:

Way ahead of you :slight_smile:


Yea I can have it ready to go by Friday