Arma 3 Mini-Ops/Spec-Ops

Hey all,

I wanna build some smaller ops for 2-4 people or so (Plus a Zeus (Could be optional, I want to make it as close to self-sufficient as possible)), so that if anyone wants to do something before/after an op, they can do a mini-op.

I’m looking for some ideas. Hopefully some more stealth-oriented missions, but they can be loud missions on request.

So feel free to use this thread as a brainstorming point, and I’ll use this thread to update you with different missions and how they go.


I’ve had an idea for a simple mission bouncing around, lately. Something that honestly wouldn’t even require an editor to use.

  1. US forces; routine patrol to a remote small village to fix a well.
  2. Well turns out to be working, fine, and group finds it bullshit that they were put on a patrol to do this. Suspicious, I think.
  3. On the way back to the FOB, the patrol is ambushed at long range; all vehicles are disabled and no repair kits are available.
  4. Call for CASEVAC
  5. Transport and gunship are both shot down on their way; no other air transport is available for one hour.
  6. The patrol needs to break contact and hole up in a nearby village.
  7. HF radio to command breaks; two minutes into the radio operator trying to get comms up, mortars start falling in the village.
  8. HF radio is up and sitrep is given; QRF is on its way, but could take up to 40 minutes to arrive.
  9. Patrol must survive attacks from insurgent forces until QRF can arrive via ground and extract them. Insurgents are equipped with mortars, stinger missiles, and heavy machine guns, making leaving the town extremely unlikely, though not impossible.
  10. In the unlikely event that the patrol leader decides to leave the town and does so, successfully, they will have to do so without being spotted, and then proceed to a different extraction zone.
  11. Mission ends when the patrol rendezvous with the QRF and breaks contact with insurgent forces.