ArmA 3 Mod Wish List

Post below links and requests about mods that you would like to see added to one of our Repos. Can be any Repo: Tactical Realism, Optional, Iron Front or Unsung Vietnam.

Project Uncut

Look i’m going to be blunt it is a mod which adds the ADF (Aussie Defence Force) to the repo. Most of you will remember the ADF Uncut mod from a while back which was abandoned and was quintessentially broken. In any case, a new team has picked it up and seem to be pretty dead set on bringing it up to scratch, the first release of the mod occurred yesterday:


LOL I came on here specifically to see if people would be interested. Can some members please download it and we can see if it is worth adding.

I tried it out while stressing over study last night, atm it adds uniforms, helmets and vests as well as a few variants of the F88 Austeyr a Minimi and a Maximi. I’d honestly say wait because if we add the mod, we are adding 200mb for the content listed above.

Tembelan Island looks really cool.

some shots:

I’ve also heard Panthera is getting a significant graphical update as well which could be cool.

I was extremely tempted to suggest this myself, I’d love to see it in.

I’m down for some new maps. Also would be down for the full NiArms arsenal.

+3 Love the look of the map, can see some anti-insurgency ops happening on here.