Arma III Map Rearrangement Ideas

So with some discussion on the FMIS admin chat the admin team is ready to start looking at some possible replacements for our current map collection. Keep in mind our mudpack is as of current 31.3 gigs in size.

My ideas:

  • Thirsk (Can replace Helvantis) - Summer/Winter map good for CQB.
  • Fallujah - Not much replay ability on this one, however it can be good for Black Hawk Down type missions.
  • Celle 2 (Requires MBG Buildings and as such totals in at 500mb with MBG buildings) Personal fav from Arma II.
  • Tora Bora - Cool desert type map, can be great for some Afghan, Iraq, Syrian war recreations.

Feel free to post your own ideas below :slight_smile:

I personally don’t think we need any extra maps outside of the CUP maps we currently have, as most missions on these maps are few and far between, or just do not work (Looking at Winds of Winter on Helvantis)

But that being said, if we do add maps, I would like to replace maps rather than outright add new maps. At the moment our modset is 31.3gigs. I would like to keep it around 30 gigs if possible.

I agree with hymez on this one, unless most if not all our clan members have at least fibre, we really don’t have the flexibility to keep adding in more maps.

That being said, swapping them will be viable, it’s a matter of which ones that will suite best for us.

@Robert @Hymez
Will you guys test the maps requested and see if it’s worth the hassle?

@shukaze Of course, much like any requested mods (Linky: ArmA 3 Mod Wish List), we’ll test any map/mod before considering adding it to the mains.

Thirsk : didn’t we bring Helvantis in to replace low texture and tendency to fall through building?

Fallujah: I like it. Got told be removed by Rek as low fps client side and have tendency to crash on sever as it haven’t been update seen the last Arma 3 map lighting update (black sky if that ring the bell) . Link: Armaholic

Celle 2: can’t find the link for Arma 3 version or more up to date one so… I don’t know? Link Armaholic

ToraBora: same problem… Link: Armaholic

Is it just me or we are playing Arma 2?

We never really used Thirsk too much, and Helvantis is kinda getting a little old now imo. As a mission maker it is hard to find new, fun mission ideas on this map.

Both Celle 2 and Tora Bora are on the Workshop I believe.

I assume you mean this one? Steam

Reading the recent comments on that thread, since there might be a lighting issue with the sky. Will need to check that out soon.

The lighting issue is addressed in the old but gold maps pack, just rip it from there.

@Robert You sure? Those comments about the lighting issue are from a week ago on the OBGMP (New Acronym FTW)

I’m DLing the pack now to take a look

That’s what it says in the features list, haven’t tested it myself yet.

Alright, so I tested the maps, they’re all good. Not lighting issues :slight_smile:

Edit: Only issue I have seen so far is the lakes on Thirsk are a little bit freaky…