Aus | Campaign Brainstorming

Hey guys,

I’ve been chatting to the admin team for a while, but I would like to get the opinions of everyone and hopefully gather some other possible ideas.

We would like to start an RP-like campaign. It would be shorter than DOTD (Day of the Dead), wouldn’t be as strong on the RP side, and won’t involve zombies in anyway. (We’ve done Zombies to death and back (Pun intended))

I have a few ideas for what we can do, but I would like to see what everyone else thinks, since we are all in this together.

So, if you can check out the poll beneath this, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Also, if you would like to bring up any other ideas or possible mods, feel free to use this thread to brainstorm.

  • Harvest Red- A straightforward military campaign of taking over Chernarus (Think a story-oriented Liberation)
  • Tomorrow When the War Began- Civilians are forced to fight in war guerilla-style when a hostile force invades their home (Check out the books/movie)
  • The East Wind- NATO forces are stranded when they are overwhelmed and backstabbed by an Independent force (Pretty much the MP version of the A3 campaign)
  • A Tyrant’s Reign- A civil war erupts, a corrupt government is put in place, and you are in the centre of it. Choose which side to take, who to help, and who to kill.

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Please keep in mind this will only be run for the Aussie side. Anyone from the U.S. side is welcome to join in, as long as you can commit.

Please also keep in mind that you will need to commit to this if you want in. We really don’t want people dropping out every other week. But that being said, it will be during normal op times.



I’ll try my best to stay in this, however there is never a dull moment where I am. Also, I’ve sent my card to ASUS again to get the 3rd fan repaired, I think the bearings in it have gone bad. Will be about a week before I get it back.

The best time for me would be around 5pm AEST. If it’s another time then I’ll see what I can do.

PS. I read that book when I was in 6th grade, it was pretty good, the movie later on was even better.

No worries, this won’t be for a couple/few weeks. Building the story and creating the mission will take a bit of time.

As for times, we’ll sort something out

P.S. I really enjoyed the movie, haven’t got round to the books yet.

Vote for the Red campain. More civ to kill

I’d love to be in this I’d been watching some day of the dead stuff and i thought the RP thing was cool so I’d want to do this but I’m not here every 2nd week because of parents divorce

Tomorrow When the War Began has my vote. I think it’d be interesting to play the role of untrained, or mostly untrained, fighters, trying to defend their home.

I like to imagine that there is a conventional force fighting alongside us, and possibly a foreign power training and financing us, the guerrillas, because logistically, it’s very difficult to wage a guerrilla war on any kind of larger scale.

Would we be a small group of guerrillas, disconnected from others, or part of something more organized? Seeing as this campaign could take place over the course of months, it’s feasible that we could build up from a small group, to something bigger, with everyone playing a unique character.

The dynamic of convincing local forces that we are better than the invaders is also a good mechanic to explore. No good invading army purposely makes life difficult for the native population if they can help it. Would we punish local leaders who did not support us? How would our small attacks affect the campaign on a larger scale and how best can that be represented? I think it would be truly interesting to have this campaign be fought by both the AUS and US time zones, with the actions of one affecting the other.

Because we are civilians, it wouldn’t make sense that it be run like a traditional military [dictatorship]. There would almost certainly be a more democratic approach, where the role players see a problem and find the best solution for it, with the game master working around that.
Example: the Guerrillas hear of an upcoming push. They could create ambushes, attack supply lines, bomb FOBs, plant IEDs, etc. This type of campaign could be structured more loosely for the sake of immersion.

I have a lot of ideas. Someone talk to me.

Alllright, let’s break this down. I’ll reply with the ideas I have so far.

My idea for this is that the nation’s army (Not sure who, will call them Blufor for now) is quickly overwhelmed and are forced to retreat off the island. Because of this, we could have supply caches left over from Blufor, or their Special Forces doing drop-offs for guerillas. I don’t want Blufor to be directly involved at the start, but will eventually be called in at full-force.

This will take a bit of story-boarding in order to form. But I do like the idea of different divisions of local forces, both in terms of relations, means and motives. Some who are friendly to the resistance, and even some who are friendly to the invading force. This would create some interesting story twists, no doubt!

This will come down to the players in the story :slight_smile: There will be some influence towards a particular choice by the leaders of the militia you side with to start, but the choice will be the players’.

Oooh, I like this idea. But most of the team is new to running an RP series. I want to start off relatively simple and then increase the complexity from there. Maybe next RP we can have a competitive Co-op or even a PvP aspect to it?

This was one of the biggest problems with DOTD. Because Rekkless was the main character, and arguably the most experienced player at the time, he became a natural leader of the group, and it became very milsimmy in terms of decisions. It started to change in the end, where I started undermining Rekk (#soznotsoz) and the dynamics changed. But this will be a problem with a milsim group trying to RP.

Best way to beat this is let the seniors and usual leaders to step back. Yes, it’ll be messy to start, but a leader will come out at the choice of the group.[quote=“CharChar_O_Dell, post:6, topic:181”]

Example: the Guerrillas hear of an upcoming push. They could create ambushes, attack supply lines, bomb FOBs, plant IEDs, etc. This type of campaign could be structured more loosely for the sake of immersion.
This will come down to more story-boarding, starting soon If TWTWB (What an acronym, wow!) is the popular vote.

Alright, poll is closed. Looks like we are doing Tomorrow When the War Began.

Watch this space in the next few weeks for more info!

Cool! I’d like to help with the storyboarding. RP is kinda my thing, whereas I’m relatively new to the milsim aspect.