BloMis System Tutorial v1.6

Here will be examples on how to operate the BloMis system, at it’s current state the functionality is minimal however this will be addressed overtime.

We will start with the time format, since the date is self-explanatory, the time is in 24 hour format, this was easier to code and catalog, plus it fits within the military theme of the clan, in case you’ve forgotten, hour before minutes. The timezone is based on arma server locations, for now, one in Australia and one in the US, mission makers get to decide which server they wish to execute and operate in.

Next will be formatting your briefings, in the title no code is translated nor executed, the header has a static format to keep things clean, the body on the other hand can be formatted, with BBcode.

Here are the current syntax’s for using the BBcode on this system:

`[color=red]Colour[/color]` - Without backticks
`[color=#e7e738f]Colour[/color]` - Without backticks
[list][*]List Item 1 [*]List Item 2 [/list]

Update 1.6
List Items added in bbcode list above

Update 1.5
You can upload images to the forums here: Here for use with the BioMis system or directly from it. Since I’m not that used to ajax it’s a little bit inefficient at the moment, since I cannot directly insert the uploads to the body text area without it erasing the whole value within or duplicate everything inside it, I’m using ajax as a means for client convenience, instead of going to another page to upload your content, you can do it in one form with the submission of your mission.

So key not there, in “Your Uploads” do not create new lines, add or remove text, just highlight and copy is 100% safe at the time of writing.

Fixed “Your Uploads” and “Click to Upload”.

If there are any concerns (Don’t ask me about a calender input for the date, that’s already been expressed) please contact me via TeamSpeak, Email or Steam.

######Code has been manipulated to provide the best possible examples possible, and plus the forum uses markup, not BBcode, so I had to translate them to demonstrate syntax results.