Final Light - Mission Briefing


Minimum 20 Players, Maxium 40 Players

Survival Role Play


21st July 2017

Full Tactical Realism Modset

MARCH 17th 2030 - 0100 HOURS

A motley collection of civilians, military and police on their way to the UN Peace Summit have unexpectedly been forced to make a crash landing on the island of Namalsk. Stranded in the dark cold and weary our survivors push inland in search of an escape off the Island.


Escape the Island anyway you can.

There will be multiple but limited ways off the island. It will be up to you to find a way off.

This is a Survival Horror Role Play mission. Upon mission start each player will be given a role. That role is selected at random.

It could be anything from you are a bad ass navy seal to a you are a scared university student.

To make the game more fun each player is recommended to ROLE PLAY their role as best as possible.

Some (not all players) will be given a alternative objective.

This alternative objective could be anything from protecting another player to sabotaging the escape for the whole group.

Understand this mission is about SURVIVAL. There are no friends and only limited ways off the island. This means you will have to work with one another but also watch your back. At any moment someone or something could kill you dead.

In traditional DayZ esc style this can be PVP but it will also be PVE. Players are asked not to shoot on sight as the mission is perma death and you will end someones game if you kill them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. If you want to be a dick you can.

Be aware not all players will be friendly VIA their role, equally not all players will be hostile.

Players will need to loot in order to find food and supplies. there will be a Hunger and Thirst system in effect too.
For more details on how the Food and Water will work check out the MCC Survival Mode page:

There isn’t much information about Namalsk itself only there are rumors of horrors in the night and outlaws patrol the cities. Beware built up areas, but they also will be you main source of supplies.

Good Luck.

Ok, I have a bit of feedback for this mission.

The biggest issue was the framerate. No argument, it sucked. There isn’t much I can suggest to keep the frame-rate OK, the MCC snow/Mist helped, but areas in/around Vorkuta really sucked. I’m not sure how many items were placed in the area, but the was the hotspot for low frames. Until there is a solution, I don’t think this is playable. When it comes down to PvP (The Black vs Checkpoint area, for example), it’s near impossible to play.

Secondly, I think we should enable ACE Advanced Medical in this mission. Yes, we don’t use it for normal ops, but for RP missions like BTLP and FL, it should be activated. In round two I was the KGB officer, tasked with eliminating all UN members. It would’ve been cool to overdose the targets with morphine/epi, but that wasn’t possible. I think adding Advanced would be a benefit.

I don’t have anything else, really. I think this has great potential, but until we figure out performance issues, we should hold off playing this again.

Great feedback. I honestly don’t know what the framerate issue was

There were many items at all. It seems Ryan Zombies is the worst offender.

I would very much like to redo this mission again but without the MCC Survival or MCC snow and see how it runs. I found there isn’t much need for food and water.

Perhaps I can look into using the Ravage mod with this mission, that seems to work well in multiplayer.

Vorkuta has always been a performance hog. My suggestion is that you take out any non essential scripts you may have placed and work from there.