FMIS: Operation Genesis

United Sahrani

Player Faction:
U.S Army Motorized

Mission Style:
COOP Enhanced | Traditional Semi-Milsim

Insurgents reign free on the northern side of the border between Northern and Southern Sahrani. Army motorized under the command of 2nd Platoon attempt to take and hold 4 key insurgent camps/fortifications. Additionally, a HVT codenamed Arctic Lion is visiting any one of these four positions in an attempt to maintain morale between the ranks, ground forces are to capture him at all costs.

Your tasks are as follows:
-Establish a foothold at points; Emergence, Inception, Genesis and Debut
-Capture HVT codenamed Arctic Lion

Convoy Motorized

Assets are as follows:
-x4 .50Cal Humvee (x5 Capacity)
-x3 Transport Humvee (x8 Capacity)
-x1 Paladin 155mm Artillery
-x1 AH-6M Littlebird (x2 Rocket Pod, x2 Minigun)
-x1 AH-6M Littlebird (x1 Large Rocket Pod, x1 GAU-19)
-x2 Supply Drop

Arctic Lion:

Squad Layout:
PLAT (x3)
ALPHA (x6)
BRAVO (x6)
DELTA (MMG) (x6)
EAGLE1 (x2)
EAGLE2 (x2)
Arty (x1)
TOTAL: 32 Slots

Standard Rifleman Loadout:
Rifle: M16
Pistol: M1911
Uniform: M81
Vest: Carrier Vest Lite
Backpack: Assault Pack
Radio: AN-PRC152

Further Relevant Info:
-You are fighting Insurgent forces (AKs, RPGs, BTRs, Techies, Etc)
-If you die, contact Rob on Teamspeak (He will decide if you are worthy to rejoin or not)

Map Layout:

Looks good. but 152s are a standard radio?

For the sake of reliable communications 152s shall be used instead of the standard 343 radios.