FMIS: Operation Light Aggredior


Player Faction:

Mission Style:
COOP Traditional Semi-Milsim

The USSR has held a monumental advantage on the island of Sahrani for quite some time now. The geological location of Sahrani proves it useful in the upcoming invasion of Northern Europe and as such needs to be secured. The first step has already been completed, the invasion of the island. It is now the job of the U.S.M.C to push onward and inward through Sahrani and flush the communist pigs out.


Your tasks are as follows:
-Seize Eponia
-Seize Tandag
-Seize Carmen

N/A up to PLAT

Assets are as follows:
-x6 M2 .50Cal Humvee
-x2 M1A1 Abrams
-x2 AH-6M Littlebird w/ 1 Supply Drop

Further Relevant Info:

  • -You are fighting Soviets, AK’s, RPG’s, BTR’s, etc.

  • -Heli resupply will be designated in game

  • Air communication will be handled by FAC and FAC alone, squad leaders are to call for FAC when in need of CAS, for example; “Alpha to FAC urgent, requesting CAS strike at grid 061-078 reference purple smoke”

  • PLAT has full autonomy in the mission, how the mission plays out will be determined on the decisions made by PLAT with the resources available.

Map Overview:

Sweet OP, when is it?

It’ll probably be hosted this weekend coming for the U.S guys, I need at least 12-15 people.