FMIS Region Specific Groups

Flying Monkeys in Space Australia & Flying Monkeys in Space U.S.A

What is it?
In essence, region specific groups allow members to see events, discussions and comments tailored for their region.

Back when FMIS was first created, we never thought we would be branching out to places like North America, Canada and even Europe. Now that we are in this situation of mass availability, it is important we cater to it. It has come to my attention over the past weeks that organizing events has become a major issue and is really one of the main reasons why i have pushed on to this idea. Another reason why i believe this should happen is the fact that we have 360 members in the group of which only an average of 30 are actually active FMISA3 members, splitting the group in to regions such as FMISAUS and FMISUS is a great way to really see who is active in which timezone and can also alleviate the issue with mission scheduling as each group has their own event scheduler.


  1. Region specific groups give new members the ability to choose where they want to play
  2. Region specific groups allow FMIS to be recognized in region joint ops such as the Oceania Joint Ops that are conducted by COG and TFRF.
  3. Region specific groups alleviate the confusion of mission scheduling, de-cluttering the events tab


  1. Region specific groups may hinder admin to admin communication

I truly think this is the best way forward, to prove my point, i challenge you to name one popular successful Arma group of which has a community spanning all over the world, has several servers all over the world and has only 1 steam group. Please, feel free to discuss the idea in the comments and one last thing, i know there are certain people in this group who “Dislike” me, please, don’t associate the idea with me and pass it up without reading in to it.