Is Apex required?

Hey there,

I’m new to the FMIS community and I do not have Apex. While trying to join a tac realism server, I noticed that the server requires Apex, so I could not connect. Do all ops require Apex?

This is what I see.

Hi mate, you don’t need Apex. However, most our member do have Apex, without it you may have to miss out some of our mission.

Thanks for the reply! I planned on getting it around Christmas time anyways.

Apex isn’t mandatory, in fact no ArmA DLC is mandatory.

If you were considering buying any DLC I think Apex and Marksman are really the only ones you should consider.

If you’re into flying then Helicopters and Jets are ok, but we have loads of those items in our mod pack.

It is up to you but you aren’t required to buy anything buy the main game.