Poll: Which schedule system are you using?

I’ve recently developed a mission scheduler system for the clan on the website, however I haven’t gotten requests for access nor has anyone asked questions about it. There are plenty of other systems to use for this; such as this very forum, steam and teamspeak.

To bring you up to speed of the reason for this poll, there was an admin meeting in regards to mission times and who gets the spots and timeframes for their missions (mission creators) and arguing even though (as said above) that their are perfectly able and usable systems for this purpose, however they needed one specific system to fully control and add and remove features from, that is where I came in, voluntarily I announced that I could develop such a system, using code such as html5, css3, javascript, jquery and ajax.

Sure, it took a while (Other stuff had priority) but it’s stable and released, BioMis 1.0, yeah, weird name but it fits (Bio = Bio Posts, Mis = Mission Posts). And you’ve read this far, so your interested at least, that’s good, I’m actually happy that you did, now here’s the part that’s reeeeeally important, add a vote to the poll:

Which system are you using, going to use, interested in for arma 3 mission making?

  • Steam
  • TeamSpeak
  • FMIS Forum
  • BioMis System

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I voted, but really wanted to make two choices, as there are two systems I am using or interested in using.

Biggest issue I see is the ease of access with Teamspeak and Steam compared to the Forums/BioMis system.

Everything we need is more-or-less on these two platforms. The Steam discussion thread is very serviceable, and everyone uses the Teamspeak server and (Usually) notices announcements on the server.

If we were to use the forums on the Internet, that is one more program we need open to find announcements and new events.

If we can bring people to use the forums/BioMis, and find a way to keep people coming back to find new events, I would be happy to try these ideas out. Buuut for now, because of the accessability, I think the Steam/Teamspeak areas will do for now.

I’ve added sign-in/login with steam on the forums, working on the website version will take time.

What we need is people to actually use the forums and BioMis system for it to flourish, it can’t be because of availability, it’s because people wish to use it. We NEED this to flourish.

I’ll start talking to mission makers tomorrow afternoon and introduce them to the BioMis system, see what they like and dislike about it.