Possibly New FMIS Server

Hey guys

I have to bring something up that I don’t really want to, but I feel it is better we start a discussion before we have some serious problems.

And that is in the very near future we could have no available servers for FMIS.

The streamline server in Australia has been suspended as we never used it and it is down to its last $20 on the account (thanks to everyone who donated for keeping it alive as long it has been).

The Canadian Repo server is expected to go down soon as Lisim from COG has informed me he will no longer be paying for it. Which while sad, I think we all owe Lisim a very big thanks for supporting our group for so long. But the harsh reality is we should expect it to go down within a couple of weeks.

Thirdly, anyone who has been dealing lately with the New US server that Stranger has provided will notice how unreliable it is and how many problems we have had with it. From crashing to the major issue we had with the FTP. Also he has stated he will no longer be paying for it after November, but there is no point in relying on an unreliable server.

Well, I feel we should start a discussion about alternatives. Fortunately, actual dedicated servers are a lot more cost effective here in North America than they are in Australia.

I have managed to find these guys here:

and their prices are not that much more expensive than the crappy Streamline servers.

Starting at $42.00 Canadian a month (Aussie and Canadian dollars are just about on par and of course US Dollars and Euros are much stronger) we can get an:
Intel Xeon E3-1225v2 @ 3.2GHz /3.6GHz with
16gig ram
SoftRaid 3x120 GB SSD which I am not quite sure what that means (Shukaze perhaps you can expand).

And for an extra $3 a month, we can get a 3.7GHz /3.9GHz CPU which should be more than powerful enough to run ArmA 3.

For anyone wondering both those specs are dramatically superious to what we run on the Canadian Repo server now currently and it seems to run ArmA very well. So I think these options would be perfect.

They do have dedicated gaming servers: Starting at $64.00 a month but they probably would be overkill for what we do.

Anyway if this is something we as a group are interested in I would offer and open the server up to bring everything FMIS over to. Meaning the Website (which I believe Shukaze pays $25 a month to have hosted) The ArmA 3 Servers and Repo and even if David wanted to - the teamspeak.

All senior members (admins) and people we trust would have access to the server so you can run what ever games or ArmA anytime you like. Or host anything you guys might want to (so long as it is legal)

Ideally, if we went for the 3.7ghz server for $45 a month I would ask if there would be 3 or more others willing to split it with me? That would mean quite literally it would cost you $10 a month, I would happily pay $15 a month or if there would be a 5th person wanting to chip in we could even bring it down lower than $10 a month.

That means for each of us we would have our own proper dedicated server owned by NO ONE else but us to do what we want with, with no reservations or limitations. Something we have never had before.

And we can have all that for less than the cost of 1 large big mac meal a month (per person).

In all honesty if we could get 6 or more people to jump aboard and help out we could bring the price down to as much as a cup of coffee a month.

I know there is quite a number of long time members here and the more we have chip in the cheaper it will be for everyone or if the consensus is we could get better hardware.

Anyway. I will let you all discuss our options I’m open to anything and all options.

This is what softraid is (FYI):
Also is that sever will be able to host a repo? as we gonnal lost it as Lisim sever when down.

SoftRaid is on a software level, not on a hardware level, meaning there are no hardware RAID cards or the like being used nor installed, it’s just managed by software the entire time, which is not bad if they also installed ECC RAM and UPS for battery backup. If not then…yolo.

If your interested, more info can be gain from here:

In regards with moving the web services to the server, because it’s windows, it’s not as secure as I would like it to be, however if I manage to figure out how to get the same or better on windows, then I’ll probably go for it and contribute to the cost of keeping in online. For the main teamspeak server, even if we move over to it, david will still keep it online regardless.

I’ll get back to you all when I have a solution…which would take a while, cause reasons.

This is the spec I can buy and set up easy for the aussie side this are the specs
Intel - Core i7-4770K
Asus - Z87-Deluxe
G.Skill - Ripjaws X Series 16GB
Kingston - SSDNow V300 Series 240GB
Xigmatek - Recon ATX Mid Tower Case Western Digital - WD Blue 500GB 2.5

I’ve still got my server and still running 24/7. If a decision is still being made whilst the server goes offline I’m willing to open mine up to throwing the ops on for temporarily.

edit: Ignore these specs, buying a new server tomorrow. 8C 16T, 12GB with plans to purchase more ram within the week.

You’d be able to achieve the same with a virtual machine running your favorite choice of Linux, I’m not sure if there’d be a noticeable performance difference vs your current setup though.

Ok, the Australian group came together last night to discuss this, and what possible actions we can take.

First and foremost, we would like to have our own server for our side. We’ve had enough of the heavy desync and high pings that we get with the US server, and having our own server will allow us to grow further.

So far we have decided that having our own Dedicated box is the best option for us. Short-term, it is more expensive. But over long-term (6 months to a year), it will be more advantageous for us.

We currently have 3 options from 2 different people.

First off, we have Mini’s box. The details are listed in his reply, but the cost is around $1000. It’s pretty damn overkill for a single server. So in theory we could run a repo, ops server and a 24/7 server (Depending on how this goes, maybe even more!). This server would be run at his place as he has the potential internet for it.

Dave has also put forth a couple of ideas. His first idea was a $400 box that contains the following:

One Dell PowerEdge Server T110 II
Generation II Tower model
Intel Quad Core CPU e3-1240v 3.4Ghz
8GB RAM (Will be upgraded to 16GB I believe)

The other option is a $730 option. A bit more power, but only has a day until the sale is complete.
This is the machine (I CBF typing all the specs out, go have a look):

So this is what we have so far. Feel free to comment or add to this discussion.

Cheers :slight_smile:

It your not running bare metal VM, then it would be MUCH WORSE to VM on top of non-bare metal. The performance would degrade instantly if you have it that way. Do you have unraid or something to fix that?

I don’t but then I feel my dedi would not be suitable due to residential internet and potential bandwidth bottle neck. Was chipping in my thought if we choose to rent a dedi.

That depends, are you on copper or fibre? What’s your total bandwidth and capacity(if any)? Are their others who also use the network that you potentially don’t want to disturb?