Roadmap (Web, App, Server)

Here’s a rundown on what I’m doing right now, all of consideration has taken place and I’ve started development on the website design and structure, developing a new FMIS app for android and improving current and new technologies on the server.

For now, I’ll write up a draft (not final) for the roadmap, I barely have time, but I do commit as best I can:


Updated 22/12/2017

  • Design the entire site template from scratch, this will mostly use bootstrap as to prevent the notion of re-inventing the wheel. Design is finished.
  • As the current forums run on the Discourse system is not the the liking of some mission makers, the argument was that the format Discourse’s seems confusing to some, so I decided to develop a bulletin board style forum on the website so they are familiar with the format, which will be basic at first. The bulletin forums is still underway, will take more time to push out.
  • Also thinking of other processes I need to improve upon, this is speculation at this point in time. The only thing to do on the Web side now is to bring out the bulletin forums.


Updated 22/12/2017

  • FMIS’s first App for android will implement a variety of features, this may be scarce at first, but will improve our communication with the whole clan on anything. As I’ve just jumped into coding this, I became to realise that it will take much longer than expected. Still under development.
  • First will be login functionality to submit missions and other services.
  • Second will be mission making functionality, provide a feed for missions created (images, texts).
  • Third will provide chat, this is a very very much a work in progress feature, a lot of work must be put into this to get it working and it’s no easy feat.
  • Other features will come as I go developing on the app, if you wish to become an app tester, please contact me, for your cooperation and service, you’ll receive a TeamSpeak badge for contributing and recognition in the app details on the Play Store.


Updated 22/12/2017

  • The server as of late is a bit outdated and unoptimised, it uses the stable PHP5 and doesn’t even cache, furthermore NGINX configuration is a mess and needs to be rectified sooner rather than later. The server is optimized… except for mail services, still tinkering with that.
  • So my answer is a total overhaul of the server systems and flow of cycle stages to better efficiency, security and stability. Yep, done that.
  • This means redoing NGINX from scratch again, implementing REDIS for caching, have a bat between MySQL and MariaDB with cleanup, going through PHP7 (not 7.1, that’s really unstable right now) for more features and configuring that to no end and a checklist for all other services and processes such as the firewall, mail system and discourse forum to meet the standards of the internet and myself. Bleeding edge updates and features. Check.

So there you have it, now you know what I’m working on nearly every chance I get, since this is a draft though, it will change overtime. There is no date on when this will finished, however I hope it will be before December. The app however will most likely finish sooner since that is a high priority task, in saying that, it will have a testbed for now until the web and server side of things are in order.

Drinks 4 shot coffee Back to work.

I know that the preview on the FMIS discourse forum “Create Topic” and “Post” is not showing for anyone, this is due to the latest beta release of discourse and it has been acknowledged as a bug by the discourse community and discourse developers which will be rectified in the next release update. It’s actually on my end, still figuring out what’s wrong. All fixed, it was something really stupid with the basic config for discourse.

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