Scheduled Events

Future scheduled events will be placed here :slight_smile:

March Week 4 | Week end 26th March

Friday 24th March: ArmA 3 COOP30 | US | JAR HEADS
Saturday 25th March: Iron Front D-Day
Sunday 26th March: Final Light - Zombie Role Play Mission

March Week 5 | Week end 2nd April

Friday 31st March: Unknown
Saturday 1st April: Arma 3 COOP30 | Operation Steel Pig
Sunday 2nd April: Unknown

April Week1 | Week end 9th April

Friday 7th April: Unknown
Saturday 8th April: Unknown
Sunday 9th April: Unknown

I would recommend splitting the US and Aus events to distinguish them, otherwise it’s going to get really complicated.
Maybe do a table, have the dates down the side, and have two columns, one for US and one for Aus? I dunno, something like that.

It’s quite confusing atm, i’ll work something out.

Hey Rob,

I enabled html table code for you so you can split up the times on AU and US missions, an example can be found here:

This is a staff link, you can easily find this code elsewhere, just didn’t want to create unnecessary clutter. This is temporary but if staff likes this feature I’ll keep it enabled.

Ok, yea that makes a little more sense to use.