Spy Game - Mission Briefing

Minimum 24 Players, Maxium 36 Players

Team vs. Team vs. Team - Objective Based Adversarial Mission


February 9th 2018 / February 10th 2018 for EU and Aust Players

7:30pm Friday Night Eastern US Time
12:30am Saturday Morning London Time
11:30am Saturday Morning Sydney Time

For FMIS Members: Full Tactical Realism Collection
For FMIS Guests: Spy Game Collection


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Optional Mods:
Enhanced Soundscape
Dynasound 2.2
JSRS SoundMod


Date: January 15 2030
Weather: Cold and snowing

NATO and Russian forces push into the recently destabilized area of Bukovinia. Local Chechen forces mobilize themselves to defend against the foreign invasion. As NATO and Russian forces set up initial FOBs the Chechen forces fortify their existing fortifications.

Each faction has a key to their victory in the region. An Ammunitions vehicle that holds their forces weapons and supplies.

Each force is tasked with capturing a different factions ammunitions vehicle. (Capture the flag style).

However each force has infiltrated their opposing forces ranks with a highly skilled (maybe) spy. The spy is armed with a PRC-152 medium rang radio that they can use to communicate with their mother faction on the movements of the opposing force.


Each force is tasked with stealing another factions Ammo vehicle and returning it to their FOB, all while defending their AMMO truck from a different faction that is trying to steal theirs. (CTF)

US NATO Objectives: - BLUFOR

Primary Objective:
Steal the RUSSIAN Armed Forces AMMO truck, a NATO spy has infiltrated the ranks of the RUSSIAN forces, use your communications specialist to gain vital intel on the movements of the RUSSIAN force and location of the RUSSIAN FOB and Ammo truck. Organize an ambush of the Russian Forces and Steal their Ammo Truck.

Secondary Objective One:
Defend the US NATO ammo truck from the perusing Chechen Armed forces who seek to steal your supplies.

Secondary Objective Two:
Destroy the Chechen Ammo Vehicle to prevent a Russian victory.

Competitive Advantage:
While not the most powerful force weaponry vise the US NATO Marine force is by far the most well equipped technologically wise. Each Marine is equipped with a Android GPS device which make to easier and faster maneuverability. The Android device can also be used to send Text messages via Satellite when the short distance PRC-343 or PRC 152 is out of effective communication range between squads.

The NATO Ammo vehicle is a M977A which is by far the most powerful and therefor fastest AMMO truck on the battlefield, meaning the NATO force should be able to outrun any engaging force.

The NATO FOB is also one of the easier fortifications to defend as there are significant open areas surrounding the FOB which makes for a difficult seige.

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Objectives: - OpFor

Primary Objective:
Steal the Chechen Miltia ammo truck, a Russian spy has infiltrated the ranks of the Chechen forces, use your communications specialist to gain vital intel on the movements of the Chechen force and location of the Chechen FOB and Ammo truck. Organize an ambush of the Chechen Miltia and steal their ammo truck.

Secondary Objective One:
Defend the Russian Ammo truck from the perusing US NATO force who seek to steal your supplies.

Secondary Objective Two:
Destroy the NATO Ammo truck to prevent a Chechen victory.

Competitive Advantage:
Location and balance is the key to a Russian victory. The Russian FOB is the most centrally located which means for quick access to the Bukovinia Airfield and other points of interest in the region. The Russian force is a balanced force with a fast moving MRAP to tranport high value team members around.

The Russian Force has a number of explosives as well on mission start that give them a competitive edge.

Because the Chechen force has set up 3 FOBs in the area, clear communication with the Russian SPY is vital for the Russian force to know where to start persuing.

Chechen Militia Objectives: - Independent

Primary Objective:
Steal the US NATO ammo truck, a Chechen spy has infiltrated the ranks of the US NATO forces, use your communications specialist to gain vital intel on the movements of the US NATO force and location of the ammo truck. Organize an ambush of the US NATO force and steal their ammo truck.

Secondary Objective One:
Defend the Chechen ammo truck from the perusing Russian force who seek to steal your supplies.

Secondary Objective Two:
Destroy the Russian ammo truck to prevent a US NATO victory.

Competitive Advantage:
The home ground the Chechen Militias key to victory. The map marks 3 Chechen bases spread out over the western side of the region. Pursuing Russian forces with have to scout out each FOB in order to find your forces.

Also the local population are on your side. The civilian population don’t take too kindly to the invading foreign force and will assist you in defending the lands. The local police force will be out and will shoot Russian and NATO forces on sight. They also will allow Chechen forces to enter their homes, places of business and installations freely and will offer up any supplies the Chechen Militia need.

Civilian Population

The civilian population have taken up arms against the invading NATO and Russian forces. Both BLUFOR and OPFOR should take great care when interacting with the civilian population especially the local Police force. While not armored very heavily their wepons are no joke. You don’t want to be the only player killed by an AI defending their house. HOWEVER Civilian causalities should be kept to a minimum.

If players approach an installation, FOB, camp or building flying the Chernarus Flag (pictured below) they should take great care as there will most likely be Bukovinian Armed Police near by.



RADIOs and Frequencies
Platoon Radio: PRC-343
Platoon Leader Additional Radio: PRC-148
Squad Leader Additional Radio: PRC-148
Communications Specialist Additional Radio: PRC-117F
SPY Additional Radio: PRC-152

Short Wave Blocks - PRC-343
US NATO (BLUFOR) - Block 1
RUSSIA (OPFOR) - Block 2

Medium Wave Channels - PRC-148 (Squad Leader Channels)
US NATO (BLUFOR) - Channel 1
RUSSIA (OPFOR) - Channel 2

Long Wave Channels - PRC-117F (Communications Specialists)
TBA - Players will be notified via Diary entry once they reach the map screen.


ACRE 2 Babel

Spy Game will feature ACRE 2’s babel system. Babel simulates different languages for different factions. For example BLUFOR will speak “English” and will be incomprehensible to OPFOR who will be speaking “Russian.” Similarly Independent forces will speak “Chechen” and will be incomprehensible to the “English” speaking BLUFOR force.

This means players can freely speak via proximity chat without fear that nearby enemy forces will be able to understand their communication. However, enemy players WILL still be able to ‘HEAR’ players speaking, just not understand what they are saying. So if you are going for a stealth ambush best lower your in game voice volume. (Hold TAB + Scroll Wheel)

This is why the Channels on the PRC-152 are so close together, it is because it doesn’t matter if an opposing force intercepts your transmissions, they won’t be able to understand it anyway.

However Platoon Leaders are welcome to assign different blocks and different channels to any radio they wish. The above frequencies and channels are merely a recommendation.

The Spy in each faction has the unique ability to speak and understand TWO languages at the same time. For example the Chechen spy that is in the NATO ranks will be able to speak and understand both “English” and “Chechen.”

The spy can cycle between each language they are able to speak by pressing the " Babel Cycle Language" Key.

If players haven’t set their Babel key, once in game press:
Escape > Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > ACRE 2
Set your Cycle Babel Language to a key you don’t normally use (RIGHT WINDOWS KEY is recommended).

Players should be warned however. It can take a second or two for the ACRE mod to switch the player from one language to another. So avoid speaking to your faction counter parts too soon as you may still be speaking your foreign language. There is no quicker way of being found out as the spy than by speaking the wrong language.


In order to help prevent forces from Turtling and hunkering down in their FOB and doing nothing, the region of Bukovinia has been littered with glorious loot, extra supplies, weapons and vehicles. Forces are encouraged to send out scout patrols in search of extra loot and weapons before engaging their enemy force in combat.

Finding just the right weapon or just the right vehicle might give your side the competitive edge they need to steal the opposing forces ammo truck.

The local civilian and government population of Bukovinia are not stupid. It is early in the morning, they have locked their vehicles for the night to keep people just like you away from their property. But be fore warned EACH and EVERY locked vehicle can be UNLOCKED with a key or lock-picks. The owner of that vehicle will ALWAYS be near by with a key that can unlock the vehicle and make it yours. You can find lock-picks by looting various areas of Bukovinia.

So if you come across a locked vehicle use common sense and look for the vehicles owner, use some diplomacy of the ‘Hot Lead’ kind to ‘Liberate’ the keys from their owners. You can also ZIP Tie the civilian and remove their keys without killing them.



As the mission goes on players are encouraged to try and work out who the spy is and bring him to justice and prevent them from relaying further information to the opposing force.

Each player has been equipped with ONE ZIP TIE they can use to apprehend anyone they suspect of being the spy. But be warned the spy MUST be surrendering first before you can arrest them and the spy is more than welcome to defend themselves if they feel their cover has been blown.

In order for players to make an arrest they MUST first have to have a reasonable suspicion. Things to look out for include (but not exclusively):

  • Player is overheard speaking a foreign language (robot voice)
  • Player always talking with a lowered voice volume.
  • Player always running off on their own for no apparent reason.
  • Player frequently not listening or paying attention. (Because they are listening to their mother faction)

Once a player suspects another player of being the spy they can declare they think that player is the spy and state their reasons why. The opposing player can verbally try and defend themselves and prevent an arrest or they can volunteer to be searched.

Of course great care needs to be taken when accusing someone as the spy, as there are no rules of engagement for the spy they could quickly go from verbally defending themselves to using their weapon.

Once the spy has been found various methods can be used to bring them to justice. It is of course important to remove the PRC-152 radio off their person as soon as possible as to prevent them from making a distress call to their allies.

Various forms of justice include (but not limited to):

  • Executing the player on the spot - boring but effective
  • Leaving them handcuffed and stashing them in a tree - Very evil as the players gaming experience will be very boring from here on.
  • Disarming the player, and use them to feed false information to the opposing force and send them on a wild goose chase or to set up a counter ambush. - Now your getting creative.


The mission will be considered a victory if one force manages to capture the opposing force’s ammo vehicle and return it to their FOB. In the case of the INDEPENDENT side the ammo vehicle can be returned to anyone of the 3 Chechen FOBs on the Western Side of the Map.

For the mission to be considered a total victory the side must also still be in possession of their own ammo vehicle in a functioning and effective condition.


We have played this mission once before. However in this instance we were using Task Force Radio and
therefor many of the above mentioned features were absent from that play through. Below is a recording of that play through. I am playing as the SPY (a little viewing homework for those interested in being an effective spy).