Welcome new FMIS users! Rules, Help Info and Bugs

Hey there,

FMIS has upgraded! Welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved forums for our entire clan. Even non-members can come in and have a talk and enjoy themselves, it’s all about the community here so be nice and helpful.

Just because I am lazy, I will bring forth my copy pasta.


  1. No Flaming or trolling: Posts with the direct intention of insulting or harming another user will not be tolerated and will be dealt with, depending on the severity of the attack.

  2. No NSFW content, e.g.: No Porn: We all know what porn is - Please keep it clean - No nudity, hentai, etc. Also no linking to pornographic material.

  3. We finally have a search function! Please, use it before making a thread. However If the old thread is over 3months dead since the last post Please feel free to make a new one while linking the old one.

  4. This is NOT 4chan, Facebook, Twitter, reddit, Tumblr etc, so don’t act like it is.No linking to warez, pirated software, etc. Stay out of trouble and you can help us stay out of trouble too.

  5. Do not post your personal details in the forum. This also includes your email addresses. Use the PM system to exchange your details with others. It should go without saying not to post others’ info either. If someone/something on the site is getting on your nerves, take a deep breath, remain mature and logical before you post. Note: Use the preview box on the right of the comment box to read over your comment. Think about it. Should a comment require a moderator the flag button is there if things get out of hand.

  6. We all have personal preferences and if you want to sway someone to yours, enlighten them in a constructive, factual manner. Straight fanboyism will not be tolerated.Refrain from religious related conversations.Impersonating another user, moderator and/or administrator will result in an immediate and permanent ban

  7. Treat members of the opposite gender with respect.

  8. Everyone should be equal and members of the opposite sex deserve the same respect that you give members of your own sex.

  9. Racism/intolerance is not allowed on these forums. We want to welcome everyone to our forums, no matter their skin color, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Derogatory terms meant to belittle or insult users will not be tolerated.

  10. We encourage you to post links to your creations; however, advertising, especially for commercial purposes, is verboten. Feel free to share your personal creations (music, videos, video games, mods, etc.). If you do happen to spot a spam post, report it.

  11. Respect everyone and you will be respected back.

  12. Try to stay on topic. If the discussion is going out of topic, start your off-topic discussion in a new or existing thread.

  13. If you have posted a thread with your question and if no one answers it within the suitable time frame, either wait or bump once in a while. Do not start making duplicated threads. These will be deleted.About giveaways; only ONE account per person may enter. If we suspect that you are cheating, your duplicated account(s) will be deleted and you will be disqualified from the competition immediately.

  14. If you are posting content where there are going to be spoilers ahead, use the [spoiler] tag to hide them.

    For example:

    [spoiler]A cat kicked a bear[/spoiler]

    Will become…

    A cat kicked a bear <-Click on it to reveal the sentence.

    ○ If the thread you created will contain spoilers, just use the “[SPOILERS ALERT]” notation in the title.

  15. If you feel a post or posts in question are in breach of these rules, don’t try to take them upon yourself; i.e., backseating a mod - just flag with the appropriate option and a mod will get to the flagged posts ASAP. Use the flag button wisely.

The moderators and administrators reserves the right to move/merge threads/posts when it is required. We may edit/delete posts and edit/lock/delete threads requested by a user or users, or if we deemed it in breach of the rules. Final decisions on moderation of the forum are made by us.
First time offenders will receive a warning. Second time offenders will receive a temporary ban. Third time offenders will be banned indefinitely. Note these penalties can vary due to the judgement of the moderator and severity of the situation.
If you have any problems or queries with the thread or post in your question, please use the flagging button, but do not misuse the feature, as it could be taken as an offence. If you have a problem with the user in general, or if you have any questions with the rules or about us, PM one of our moderators or administrators.
Rules last updated on 08/07/2016 i[/i]

Bugs and Glitches

We try our best to keep this forum running smoothly, but as with most software there do tend to be some bugs on occasion. If you run into any bugs, please, post them here, so we can help.

Official Servers and Services

Flying Monkeys In Space offers a variety of Game servers and voice servers for our community to use!

Feel free to make suggestions on new servers in the comments.

Subforum Link

Community Servers and Services

Here we have servers and services hosted by members of our community! Please note that these servers are not “Official” and Flying Monkeys In Space has no affiliation with them.

Subforum Link

Do you have a game server or service that you would like others to join in on? Please PM a moderator to ask how to let your server listed!