Welcome To 2018!

Hi there fellow Chimps, Welcome to 2018!!

From everyone here at FMIS I hope you all had a fantastic Holiday season.

Well, we are fast heading toward our 3rd anniversary on the 3rd of February and things couldn’t be better. The end of 2018 saw our largest private hosted mission to date with 27 players in a round of Dark Business.

In case you missed it or just want to relive the chaos you can check out my video here:


2017 saw the fastest growth in our clan’s history. With over 200 members now. Over the Holiday break we had a tonne of new members join and hopefully, 2018 will continue to see our group grow in size and mission size. So everyone please make the new members welcome and all Admins please offer training to anyone who needs it.


For any new members reading this if you haven’t already joined our steam group, the link to it can be found here:

It is important to join the steam group as that is where we post our upcoming mission times and push some important updates.


Also if you haven’t already, feel free to sign up to these forums. Shukaze has been hard at work over the past few month working on the back end, adding features and overall, there are some very cool updates to these forums.

If you do decide to join these forums. If you don’t get the activation email, check your junk email and try logging in any way. Some users have reported not receiving it but being able to log in any way without it.

Also if you’d like to join the Facebook messenger chat group feel free to let me know and I’ll get you in.


We will be kicking off 2018 ops with official Operations on Friday with a mission hosted by Robert. So make sure your Repo’s are updated and we hope to see you there. Mission time will be the usual 7:30 pm EASTERN US TIME.

We have reports too that Buzztron is working on a new Iron Front World War 2 campaign. So if you haven’t downloaded the Iron Front Repo and would like to participate in some WW2 missions I recommend you get the Iron Front Repo downloaded.

If we can get some numbers up and over 30 I have a couple of VERY cool mission game modes to host as well in the coming weeks including a Spy based Capture mission. for those who are looking for something a little different than the traditional PVE MILSIM.

So there is a number of cool game nights ahead of us for January as we approach our anniversary.


SUNDAY: Sunday Night Ops 7:30pm - REPO UPDATES pushed POST mission
MONDAY: Free Night, Training offered for newer members
TUESDAY: Free Night
WEDNESDAY: Wednesday Night Ops: 7:30pm EASTERN US, 12:30am LONDON, 11:30am SYDNEY
THURSDAY: Free Night - Sometimes missions
FRIDAY: Friday Night Ops: 7:30pm EASTERN US, 12:30am LONDON, 11:30am SYDNEY
SATURDAY: Saturday Night Ops: 7:30pm EASTERN US, 12:30am LONDON, 11:30am SYDNEY


Mod updates will continue to be pushed out on Sunday Nights for anyone using ArmA 3 Sync. Unfortunately for anyone using the workshop you cannot choose when to update your mods. But anything important or very small we will push during the week. For example an important ACE 3 Update or a small ARES Update.

For anyone wishing to jump into the conversation about what mods to use or what mods to remove the conversation will now be EXCLUSIVELY held in this thread here:


If you’d like to download the latest version of our TeamSpeak skin you can download it from here:

Here is a quick preview:


As I am sure you are all aware we had a SIGNIFICANT ACE 3 update just before Christmas. This has in turn drastically changed our Mission Framework.

However, you can relax any missions using the 12.2 framework will work perfectly fine. But I will be updating the mission framework to version 13 this week. So keep your eyes on Teamspeak and download the update when it becomes available.


Anyway, guys that just about does it for this update fellas. welcome everyone to 2018 let’s make this year our best year yet.

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