What to do with Servers

Ok guys I just want to start the dialog on what we can do with 2 of our servers.

Namely the Australian server and the 24 hours US server.

Firstly the 24 hour US Server:

As most of you know we used to run a 24 hour Liberation Server. As many of you nutcases would damn near live in there each Liberation mission would be completed in a couple of days.

Anyway by the time the group completed the 5th mission/map or so it appears the interested has kind of fizzled out. So I would like to know what would you guys like to run on a 24 hours server? Would you like to make it public for recruitment purposes (meaning it would have to be mostly Vanilla or just a few mods).

What kind of mission?
Some possible options are:

Whole Lotta Altis:

BECTI - Which could be divided in Team Vs Team PVP if we like


We could even run our own private EXILE server for just US with Zombies or Perhaps a RAVAGE Server:

Of course the more complicated the mission the longer it is going to take to set up in comparison to something like Liberation. But I would be keen to know what you guys think.

Secondly what should we do with the Australian server? Basically it has been sitting idley by using up all our donations for months and no one seems to keep the mods on it updated. (I’m sorry I simply can’t keep 3 repos and 2 other servers updated and look after the Aussie server)

Anyway it isn’t a problem, but I feel perhaps we should have a discussion on another game we could run on that server.

Here is a list of available games we can run on that server:

I know a lot of you like Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers that is a possible good option - Medieval is much cheaper too.

Space Engineers would be cool. Never played it multiplayer though. A public ARMA 3 server could also be cool in my opinion.

Biggest problem with a Pubbie Arma server is drawing an actual player base. The server would need to be unique (e.g. not another generic exile) while remaining easily accessible (e.g. not a zillion gigs of mods).

Maybe public arma ops?


If we do get a server up and running on the Aussie side, Invade and Annex with ACE only would be pretty good. Would be great for public Arma ops too since it has Zeus functionality enabled in the mission.